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A9 Servo Topics

A9 Servo Topics


◆ A9 series AC servo motor system

A9 series AC servo motor system retains a series of advantages of A8 series, such as high integration, small size, fast response speed, perfect protection, simple and clear wiring, high reliability, and the installation and use methods are completely compatible. The new series pioneered the introduction of the latest technical features such as "support for remote customer's independent upgrade of the servo kernel program" and "built-in servo PLC engine, support for secondary development in the form of ladder diagrams".

1. Support the independent upgrade of the remote client of the servo kernel program - where there is a network, you can "brush the machine" independently
1. It can keep the servo kernel program synchronized with the latest version of the manufacturer;
2. Better support for personalized functional requirements.

2. Built-in servo PLC engine to support secondary development in the form of ladder diagrams - more PLCs than servo drives
1. The PLC is integrated with the servo, and the PLC can access or control the servo as shown in the figure accessing the internal register;
2. Support standard PLC ladder diagram, making secondary development quick, convenient and easy to transplant;
3. Powerful grammar check function makes it more at ease when writing PLC programs;
4. One-click to compile and download PLC programs, more worry-free;
5. Powerful online debugging function, which can display the running status of PLC program in real time;
6. 128-bit encryption algorithm, more powerfully ensure the security of user programs;
7. Large memory, up to 128K bytes of user program space;
8. High frequency MCU, faster running speed and shorter scanning cycle;
9. 12 digital inputs, 6 digital outputs, 3 analog inputs, 2 analog outputs (analog output is optional);
10. 48 digital inputs, 32 digital outputs and 8 relay outputs can be expanded through the IO expansion board;
11. Various types of products, flexible and considerate to adapt to various occasions.

◆Servo PLC program editing software: download link

PSDP series has built-in PLC engine programming software, PSDP series servo drives support built-in PLC engine, and can carry out secondary development in the form of ladder diagram. The software integrates programming, downloading and debugging.
Has the following characteristics:
1. Standard WINDOWS interface, friendly interface and easy to operate.
2. The PLC ladder diagram can be designed intuitively and quickly, making programming so simple.
3. The powerful syntax check function makes you more considerate when writing PLC programs.
4. The powerful one-key compilation and download capability enables you to compile and download PLC programs with one key.
5. Powerful online debugging function, which can display the running status of PLC program in real time.
6. 128-bit encryption algorithm, more powerful to ensure the security of your program.
7. Large memory, up to 128K bytes of program space.​​

◆Servo PLC programming software MotionWin manual: download link
The programming guide of the built-in PLC engine of the PSDP series has a detailed introduction from the use of the software MotionWin software to the various contacts and function instructions.

◆DEMO demo of servo PLC editing software: download link
Demonstration examples and reference of special function instructions for each type of driver. 

◆A9 product sample catalogue: download link
Introduces the specifications, models, performance indicators and external installation dimensions of A9 series servo motors and servo drives.

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